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Minimal Portfolio Designers

I believe strongly that certain visual information can help induce a contemplative state of mind. In our daily lives we are confronted with a massive amount of visual noise that is constantly changing, evolving and demanding our attention. We rarely ever take a moment to change our scenery, divert our focus and let go of everything that is constantly demanding our attention. The “horizon” can be a plane to focus on, a place where there are little visual distractions. I believe the horizon line in our landscape is so developed and visually fragmented that we rarely ever get to see it as a vast, large unifying aspect of our surroundings.

I think its ironic that humans historically speaking, probably spent much of their time scanning the horizon, looking out over the land focused intently and waiting for something to move. But now we spend a large part of our days staring at a flat screen, barely focusing our eyes on letters and waiting for a clock to move. Everyday our visual experiences are completely full. There is always something very close in front of us whether it is a car, a tv, a wall. Always something we are following, avoiding or reading. I wish to bring some attention to the land (horizon) that we use, live and build upon. In most urban and even suburban areas there is not much land left we haven’t developed and converted for living and profit. I think it may benefit us all to really start looking at the landscape in front of us, contemplating it, and how we use it. Our horizons are shrinking, our space diminishing. It is easy to see the need to utilize it and build on it. But very hard to recognize the inherent beauty and benefit it has for us undisturbed.